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How To Do Digital Marketing For Services

The internet has brought a wide possibility of publicizing your business to people nationwide. They are tools and resources — many free — that help your business get closer to the customer and build a relationship with them. However, we see many product-oriented strategies. Is it then possible to do digital marketing for services?

As much as online strategies draw a lot of attention to products, it is possible to do a complete digital marketing plan for services. Here are 7 essential tips:

7 Tips For Doing Digital Marketing For Services

Check out what can’t be missing from your digital marketing planning:

Show Your Work

An important factor in digital marketing for services is the possibility of showing your work in practice. Resources such as Instagram stories allow the profile owner to show a little of his day-to-day business. It’s a way of showing how a company or job works.

The Importance Of The TCLE

If you are an architect or engineer, you want to show how work is done before and after a renovation. Those who work with aesthetics will show the client even more explicitly. But before showing any such image, it is important that he authorizes this display.

Authorization prevents the customer from complaining about an unauthorized display. With the document, you can prove that both parties were in agreement. Therefore, before any posting showing third parties not part of your company, ask them to sign the informed consent form (TCLE). The company and each participant must retain a copy.

Teach About Your Industry

More than showing its performance, teaching about its importance is one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing for services. The more potential customers understand your business, the more they care about what you do and the amount you charge.

For example, a blog and an Instagram profile allow you to go deeper into your business. In feed photos, you can use the caption space to explain a concept related to your service. On the blog, it is possible to approach the themes more densely.

Find out what your customers want to know.

Before approaching subjects related to your segment, you need to know what your client is curious to know. This can be done through keyword searches on Google Trends and other tools. Even the poll or question box in stories can help with this: quickly and directly, you will get different responses from your followers.

Define Your Ideal Client

Your service shouldn’t be offered to anyone; after all, those who sell to everyone don’t sell to anyone. This does not mean rejecting customers, but all digital marketing for services should focus on a customer profile. It’s what we call a persona, the archetype of your ideal client.

The persona concept is so specific that it receives a name, age and profession. All communication and elaborate strategies are thought of her. Therefore, this profile must be easily accessible to everyone so they do not forget its main characteristics.

So what does a person need to have?

  • name, age and sex;
  • occupation and income;
  • region and type of residence (do you live alone or with your family? Do you have pets?)
  • marital status;
  • hobbies and lifestyle;
  • habits, beliefs and challenges;
  • internet consumption time and main networks used;
  • your influencers;
  • what technologies it uses;
  • where you usually seek information;
  • decision criteria when choosing between one architect and another;
  • What are your main “pains” (problems) related to architecture?

It sounds like a lot of work, but the more information you have, your persona will be more accurate.

Remember that a service provider can have more than one persona, but ideally, that number should be at most three. If you provide services to a company, you can also make a persona for it, but with adaptations aimed at the legal entity.

Produce Rich Content

In digital marketing for services and products, content is the key currency to attract and retain followers. If he perceives value in the texts, images, podcasts and videos you produce, he will follow and even share your profile with other people.

The interesting thing is to offer beyond what the follower is expecting. So, also include in your strategy the production of rich materials, such as e-books and webinars, in which you can delve even deeper into a given subject.

Invest In Paid Advertising

Do you know when you need a certain service, and you search Google for someone who does something nearby? For example, you want to start practicing martial arts and type “jiu-jitsu São Paulo” in the search engine. The results will show you the gyms and instructors closest to your address. This is also digital marketing for services.

When the results appear with “advertisement” next to it written in green, it means that the business owner has invested in paid advertising. This helps get faster results for your business, as it reaches an audience interested in your service.

Other types of paid advertising are social media ads. Each of them has an ad production tool. You can create from scratch or boost an existing post. The most interesting thing is that all of them also have the option to create a user profile to which you intend to send the ad. Thus, the boost becomes more accurate.

Seek Help

Digital marketing planning for services takes time and strategy. As seen, there are several resources for you to explore and find your potential customer. But you don’t have to do it all alone.

A digital marketing agency has experts who understand service-oriented strategies. People are responsible for producing content, processing images, creating a visual identity, monitoring social networks, creating paid posts and much more.

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