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Gramhir | The Best Instagram Analyzer Tool Everything You Need To Know

Gramhir is a tool used to access Instagram without registering an account. Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform, with over 2.35 billion monthly active users per MAUs.

Photos and short videos sharing social networks are very popular worldwide as it helps generate income and earns a lot of fame and name.

So, Instagram profile owners have hectic competition among themselves. Grahmir is a third-party tool that allows its users to check Instagram’s popular profiles, competitors’ profiles, the impact of their profiles on Instagram, most viewed reels, etc. Even though you cannot view their entire profiles, you can see their followers and the profiles others follow.

Many users are attracted to and interested in business profiles, which are open accounts. Gramhir allows users to view other Instagram profiles without any login or registration process. The Gramhir software was originally created as a web application but is now available as a mobile app.

With the help of Gramhir, you can check on your competitors’ profiles undercover and eventually increase your followers. But remember, others can also check out your Instagram profile using the same tool, Gramhir.

Please read further to learn everything about Gramhir.

Introduction To Gramhir

Gramhir is an Instagram public account viewer and analyzer and provides statistics on the popularity of various accounts. It gives a detailed analysis of the performance of different Instagram accounts and delivers the results quickly. Users can read comments and view the likes count without needing an account and registration.

The users can access public profiles, view their posts, get business offers, and many more without difficulty using the Gramhir website and mobile app. Besides Gramhir, several other third-party websites allow users to access other Instagram profiles and watch everything happening on various public profiles.

Regarding private accounts, you can only see the number of followers and their bio, but we cannot enter their profiles. A few people are not interested in registering an account and are not bothered about followers and likes but only want entertainment, like watching the reels for fun. To all such users, Gramhir is the perfect platform that gives access to all Instagram content without needing an Instagram account. We can view the most popular hashtags, celebrity posts, business deals, and promotional ads on Instagram with the help of Gramhir.

Now we shall see in detail the information regarding Gramhir’s website.

How Does Gramhir Work?

Gramhir is a software tool to analyze and view Instagram profiles. It gives you the best insight to watch the profiles and content easily. The functioning of this tool is very easy for everyone because it operates simply and does not ask for any registrations or subscriptions to watch the content. Follow the below steps to navigate through the Gramhir website.

  • Visit http://www.gramhir.com/ on any web browser.
  • As you enter the website, you can see many options. You will find a search bar on the home page to search for your favorite profiles.
  • Let us explain this to you in detail by giving an example.
  • Search the most followed person on Instagram history @cristano (Christiano Ronaldo), followed by @leomessi (Lionel Messi).

Let us start our tutorial with @cristano·

  • When you search for his Instagram account on Gramhir, you will find that his account has 3453 posts and 558,120,962 followers, and he is following 553 accounts.
  • The account’s rate is 99.9%, which shows the account’s popularity obtained from the account statistics analysis.
  • The average likes per post are 7M, and moderate comments per post are 62K.
  • The percentage of photos and videos is 75% and 25%, respectively.
  • We can also view likes and comments, save photos to the device, and download video content.

Is It Possible To Download The Content From Gramhir?

It is possible to download Instagram content like photos and videos using the Gramhir tool. You can use this third-party tool to download the video content by copying the URL, whereas you can download pictures with the help of a download button or take screenshots.

You can save images and videos with download options available on the website. You can download images to your PC on the website and use the Gramhir mobile app to download the content to your smartphones. There are many third-party download options available in the market apart from Gramhir.

Is It Safe To Use The Gramhir Website?

Yes, using the Gramhir tool to access Instagram public profiles is safe. It is a helpful and secure tool for users because it does not require registration or information about you. It allows you to search any popular and public profile privately.

It provides complete dynamics of the profile and does not cause any harm to the devices in any way. You can view Instagram public profiles using other applications, but this website is less harmful than the others.

Is It Allowable To Log In And Register On Instagram From Gramhir?

No, you cannot log in and register directly from this website. It only gives access to public profiles such as celebrity fan pages, official pages, business pages, sports, music, and movies-related pages, etc. It also provides statistics like the number of followers, likes, comments, percentage of their posts, etc.

Is It Permissible To Access Other Social Media Platforms On Gramhir?

It is exclusively an Instagram public profile viewer, so you cannot use this software to access other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of The Gramhir Tool?

Gramhir provides many useful features to its users.

  • We don’t have to provide personal information to access Instagram profiles.
  • It is easily accessible on any web browser.
  • It is a completely safe tool.
  • It allows viewing all famous and public profiles without any login.
  • It is one of the most efficient and well-maintained sites that gives effective results.
  • You can improve your profile by watching the rankings and maintenance of the other popular accounts.
  • You can check the comments of every individual and their posts.
  • The latest and most popular hashtags are visible to the users.
  • It gives you better insight into public profiles and public account followers.
  • You can watch every content posted on public accounts without any registrations.
  • Complete page information like statistics, followers, rivals, success ratio, average, photos and video ratio, stories, and reels of public accounts are available.
  • The mobile application of Gramhir is available for android and IOS devices to access the tool on their mobiles.

Popular Instagram profiles 

  • @realmadrid
  • @leomessi
  • @cristano
  • @viratkohli
  • @kendal
  • @fbbarcelona
  • @neymarjr
  • @kattyperry
  • @vindiesel
  • @rogerfederer

Alternatives To Gramhir

There are many alternative websites to Gramhir which function similarly. They are listed below. All these are web-based applications, and you can open them on browsers. Some may have mobile applications.

Some websites ask for login, and we can log in to websites but providing details to non-official platforms is optional. So, here are some websites and tools that can be used to view Instagram.

  • Insta Lookup
  • Webstragram
  • Insta Viewer
  • Insta Analyzer
  • Insta Inspector
  • Profile Analyzer
  • Affect
  • Imginn
  • FullInsta
  • Instaxyz
  • Storiesig
  • Greatfun
  • Storiesdown
  • Story Stalker
  • Hype Auditor
  • Picuki
  • Inflact
  • Insta Spy
  • Statigram
  • Profile Stats
  • Social Blade
  • Vidmate
  • Sharekaro


Gramhir is an internet gateway that helps to view and analyze the popular and public profiles of Instagram. It is quite easy to access and does not require a login. It is a well-designed tool for viewing public profiles and downloading posts from public accounts to devices.

We hope that you liked reading our article on Gramhir. We request you to share your opinion on this article.

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