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Distribute And Promote A Survey On The Web

Since the major challenge is getting enough responses, actively promoting your survey may be necessary. You may be disappointed if you post a link to your online survey in the corner of your website, even if it is the home page or your most visited.

Unless you are a tenor of the web, with thousands of visitors per day, the number of Internet users responding spontaneously is likely to be very low. With few exceptions, getting enough responses to draw relevant conclusions is one of the main challenges of online surveys. Apart from using a panel, the most favorable situation is one where you have a file of the emails of the people constituting the population to be questioned: customers or prospects, subscribers, members or members, employees, etc.

What Are The Distribution Channels Of A Questionnaire On The Internet?

Let’s review the primary means at your disposal.

Sending Invitations By Emailing

A personalized invitation that arrives directly in the recipient’s mailbox is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to obtain a sufficient volume of responses. But this assumes that you already know the people to interview and have a contact database filled with e-mail addresses.

A good invitation message is a clear and motivating message. The follow-up of non-respondents is imperative. 

Plan one to two in general. And set the last reminder according to the response deadline. The closer your relationship with the recipients (your customers or subscribers to your newsletter, for example), the better the response rate will be. In business-to-business, we observe relatively good results. If the subject is sensitive, consider specifying how the anonymity of the answers is ensured, and remember to respect the regulations in force concerning e-mail addresses.

Link To The Questionnaire On Your Website

Another way to distribute a survey or poll is to install a link to the questionnaire on your site, whether a showcase or merchant site, a blog, etc. It’s about choosing pages and locations wisely, depending on the purpose of your survey.

Imagine that you have a merchant site, and you will probably want to know your customers’ opinions at the end of the ordering process. Conversely, highlight your survey from the first page of a news site or blog. Also, carefully selecting the return page allows you to configure the landing page of the Internet user when he has finished answering the questionnaire. You thus recover the visitor on your site.

Post On Partner Websites Or Public Sites

To further promote your survey, consider all partner websites or public sites, such as forums or blogs specializing in your field of activity. Take the trouble to write a message that explains your approach and motivates you to respond!

Paid Advertising On The Internet

Finally, it is possible to do paid advertising, which is a quick way to gain visibility on the internet—at the same time, allowing you to target groups of people corresponding to the profiles you want to interview.

Sharing On Social Networks

To complete this panorama, there are, of course, social networks which we can no longer ignore. You will choose to post your survey link on a particular social network depending on the profile of the audience you are looking for.

Snowball Method

Finally, if you need more than these means, especially if your target population is poorly known or very specific, consider the snowball effect.

Purchase Of A Sample (Panel)

Finally, if you have a sufficient budget, you can ask your questions to a panel of consumers, generalist or specific. Many companies, some international in scope, will provide you with samples of respondents corresponding to your targets.

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