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Amazon, Everything You Need To Know To Shop Online

Amazon is the e-commerce giant where you can buy any product: here’s what you need to know to sign up, take advantage of Prime subscriptions, shop safely and return.

Today Amazon is the most famous e-commerce site in the world, where you can buy all new and used products. Between offers such as Prime Day and Black Friday, shopping events, Prime membership for fast shipping and access to additional services, such as Prime Video and Prime Music, more and more users are choosing it.

It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 and was born as a bookstore, and for the first 5 years of activity, it did not produce any profit. Then, in 2002, everything changed, and in just 2 years, it achieved a sales boom, laying the foundations for becoming the most used international e-commerce in the world. Let’s see how Amazon works and how to register and make purchases in this ebook.

Amazon: What It Is And How It Works

Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce allows you to buy goods of all types, but to do so, you need to register by creating an account, for which you need an email address and the choice of a password. Operation is simple; users can search for the product, see those on offer, use the filters and read reviews and comments to choose the best one.

Once identified, it can be added to the cart and proceed with the purchase, choosing a payment method between using a credit card or Amazon vouchers. Alternatively, you can add the product to your wish list or save it for later purchases.

Amazon Prime And Prime Student: The Paid Plans

Amazon offers subscription plans for its most loyal users. Those who sign up for Amazon Prime by paying a monthly or annual subscription can get free and fast shipping in one day and exclusive access discounts and offers, such as Prime Day.

Furthermore, those who subscribe to a Prime subscription can also access additional services, such as Prime Video for watching films, TV series and documentaries, Prime Music for listening to music and podcasts, Prime Gaming for video game enthusiasts, and Amazon Photos.

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For students, there is the Amazon Prime Student subscription, which provides all the benefits of Prime at a lower price. Each subscription comes with a free trial period of 30 days for Prime and 90 days for Prime Student.

Amazon Warehouse And Business: What They Are And How They Work

Not only new products Amazon also offers used products with Amazon Warehouse. This service is reserved for both Amazon and third-party sellers, who can sell their goods on the platform.

Finally, there is Amazon Prime Business, a section of the platform dedicated to businesses and the B2B market, where it is possible to buy wholesale on e-commerce. A sort of Prime designed for companies, who can thus enjoy both the best Amazon offers and fast deliveries, with the guarantee of secure purchases.