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10 Best Instagram Followers Tracker Apps In 2024

Best Followers Tracker Apps: In everyday routine social media plays a vital role for all. Platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, snap, LinkedIn, etc., have become a part of everyone’s life. These days it is tough to find someone, not on social media.

Instagram has attained tremendous popularity these days. Instagram is one of the most used apps in recent times. Millions of people register Instagram accounts every day. Most people create dual or triple accounts. 

Users create Personal accounts, Business accounts, fan pages, etc. Users make reels and post daily activities for fun on Instagram. to gain followers. People do whatever they can do only to gain followers. 

People follow their favorite celebrities and friends on Instagram. It’s an easy way to connect with their favorite stars. Influential people can interact directly with the audience. Celebrities and normal people who impress viewers with their skills and talent can also get followers. 

Few make their accounts public, and a few others make their accounts private. We can track the followers on public accounts, but on private ones, we cannot. 

The Instagram app doesn’t give you a feature to track the profile visitors. Certainly, they can show you the posts, reels, stories, etc. but not profile visitors. Information like how often they visited the profile, people who unfollowed you, etc. 

For all these purposes, many apps came into existence. They are known as ‘tracker apps, which help track the user’s private accounts, business accounts, who followed, who unfollowed, who didn’t follow back, and other activities. This article will give you a few Best Instagram Tracker Follower Apps.

Some of the Instagram followers tracker apps Or Best followers tracker apps are as follows.

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the best tracker apps for all social media platforms. This app provides a dashboard to monitor all the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter content and all social media apps. You can watch multiple profiles on one platform. You can make schedules for your favorite apps and content. 

Iconosquare app provides many features like Analytics, Reporting, Publishing, Collaboration, conversation, and listening. 

  • Analytics: You can make data-driven decisions, engaging insights, community analytics, rapid growth, and custom dashboard. All these performances are monitored under Advanced Analytics.
  • Reporting: This feature provides all your favorite content in social media to one selected email of your choice. It sends all the Reports of multiple apps to your mail.
  • Iconosquare offers many insights and statistics, which makes it easy for editors. It provides an XLS form to download for Facebook and Instagram. That’s a great feature by Iconosquare.
  • Publishing is a key aspect of Instagram. Serving followers with regular posts is essential. Here you can plan according to your schedule. Many people live on schedule. Their main context is planning, execution of campaigns, conducting events and product launches, etc.
  • It can manage 17 social profiles on the same interface simultaneously and works on all operating systems.
  • Low in cost. Both annual and monthly plans are available.

2. Ghosthunte

When discussing the best apps for Instagram follower tracking, you must try Ghosthunter. This app filters fake accounts and gives us original profiles. This app restricts unnecessary ads.

  • Works for IOS and Android.
  • This app protects from spam and fraud. 
  • It’s safe and secure. 

3. Followers Booster

This tool is getting a lot of attention these days. Followers Booster is a very easy, comprehensive social media publishing and analytics tool. It is witnessing huge growth recently. It will connect you to the most popular pages that suit your personality and thoughts. 

You can use several profiles at a time. Not only Instagram but many social media apps are connected. You can get an email about the report on all the app activities when requested. 

4. Followers Analyzer

Followers Analyzer is a simple tool that is entirely about the followers. It shows who unfollowed you, and it also shows those whom you followed but who didn’t follow you back. Sometimes this feature annoys me as notifications pop up continuously. For example, though we follow each other, it keeps notifying me that you followed, but they didn’t.

  • If we want to get all the benefits, you have to purchase the complete version. The demo version doesn’t do much justice. 
  • It is available for in-app purchases, which cost nearly 8 dollars per month.
  • Previously it worked very fine, but it crashed after a few days. After making updates recently, it started working again. 
  • Synchronizing every day is a drawback for this analyzer app. The audience gets frustrated to reload everything.
  • Available both for Android and IOS.

5. Followers & Unfollowers 

Followers & Unfollowers app strictly goes deep into your Instagram profile. It will show mutual followers on the top, the people you unfollowed recently, and profiles you don’t follow back. You can access multiple Instagram accounts at a time. We can easily unfollow many followers at a time. You can unfollow 50 followers using this app.

  • It has a special feature that lets you add to your favorite list. 
  • Can unfollow up to 50 followers 
  • Can watch private accounts if they made them private 
  • Nearly 5 dollars per month and easy to access
  • Synchronizing could be better for many viewers. Many users get irritated due to several re-logins.
  • It works fine for some key features, but remaining it shows errors all the time 
  • Available in Google play store and Apple store.

6. Instalker – IG Profile Tracker 

The name itself indicates the work the Instalker app does. Everyone wants to stalk other accounts. It has become a daily habit. Many people can only see the profile. They are not allowed to view their posts unless they follow them. Even though they follow you but face a few restrictions, such as watching a limited audience, all who suffer from these reasons can have this Instalker app.  

  • Profiles can be secretly viewed without their knowledge. 
  • You can watch and download the stuff from unfollowed profiles and private accounts.
  • It shows both followers and unfollowers.
  • Can watch/download Instagram stories secretly.
  • It has an exemplary user interface.
  • It has poor maintenance.
  • Sometimes the app lags in working properly.

7. Followers Report: INS Reports

Everyone is curious to know the secret admirers of their life. People are curious about other accounts and are very interested to know who visits their profile. But Instagram doesn’t give you this feature. For such people, this app is apt. 

  • Best analytics tool in recent times. 
  • You can watch your recent visitors easily. 
  • You can get detailed information like Instagram’s most followed profile, the most liked profiles, most liked stories, etc.
  • Supports all languages.
  • Many issues need to be fixed.
  • Price is huge.
  • Available on IOS & Google Play Store.

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is among the few free apps. It works the same as the other apps.

  • The free version runs very well, and it is the favorite app for many users. 
  • Great tool for the business world. 
  • The schedule feature is tremendous. 
  • It recommends legit people and suitable articles. 
  • Mention feature is also available in crowd fire the app.
  • Available on Google Play Store and IOS. 

9. Pixlee 

Pixlee is a scheduler app for Instagram. It is one of the earliest and most effective apps. You can schedule the launch time of your business and marketing profiles using the Pixlee app. You can optimize the marketing strategies through the content from your marketing profiles. Pixlee is very easy to use and free also. It can manage business accounts too. It is one of the best followers tracker apps.

  • Receive notifications for posting on Instagram.  
  • You can see the upcoming and past posts of any profile. 
  • You can remove any scheduled post from your profile. 
  • Pixlee is available in the Google Play Store.

10. Follower Plus

Follower Plus is another most used Instagram followers tracking app for IOS devices. It is well-known to be the best app for checking who unfollowed you in the profile. You can see who unfollowed you and those who didn’t follow you back when you followed them, etc. One can unfollow 15 followers at a time. You can switch to multiple accounts at a time.

How Can You Subscribe To The Best Instagram Followers Tracker Apps? 

Visit the app store. Download it and open the app. Give the necessary details. Pay annually or monthly, depending upon your convenience.

Final Say

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among the rest. Millions of people use Instagram. Instagram best followers tracker apps are the best tools to keep an eye on your performance on Instagram.

Many people need to be made aware of these tools. Nowadays, people are getting to know about them. Many people don’t need these apps, but those curious can use these followers tracker tools.

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