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Tips To Include Inbound Marketing In Your Agency’s Portfolio!

When we have the chance to learn from those who have walked the same path, everything becomes more accessible. After all, shared mistakes and successes guide our journey. 

Thinking about disseminating this knowledge and helping you, we systematized the content presented by the specialist in the area. Therefore, below, you can find valuable tips and mistakes (not to make) in inbound marketing strategies at agencies.

What Cannot Be Missing From Your Inbound Marketing Service

Starting a project or even strengthening strategies is always challenging. Therefore, learning from those who know makes all the difference. Thus, you attract the right leads, achieve great results, and retain customers. See what you should consider when designing an excellent inbound project.

Transparency Is Key

Being transparent and didactic with the customer is essential to build lasting partnerships. In addition, it is up to the manager to explain to clients that results cannot be measured overnight when it comes to inbound marketing at agencies.

At the time of negotiation, it is also necessary to highlight two crucial points: for a given objective, it will be required to have an X of the budget and indicate precisely what the customer is buying and what he will receive. That is, with realistic expectations, the chance of satisfaction increases significantly.

Specific Actions Versus Strategy

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between creating materials like blog posts, whitepapers, and e-books and developing and executing a complete inbound strategy. If you need more confidence in offering the complete service, sell part of the process and have partners do the rest.

Financial Results Will Come With Time

The client cannot believe that in the third month, he will have results. The positive indicators take at least seven or eight months to appear. It takes time to mature for the strategy to start working.

Invite The Customer To Follow And Participate In The Project

Instead of putting a professional – an inbound marketing consultant – in contact with the customer, make your team available. This way, if the client needs an e-book, for example, he can talk to the designer and the content producer about this demand. Thus, he feels part of the project.

Show The Customer The Evolution

The progress achieved with inbound marketing in agencies must be clear to the client. In other words, the client is aware of the before and after. A good alternative is to bet on creating an e-book that shows the evolution after starting the project with the agency.

Promote Integration Between Clients And Professionals

Even before the start of project activities, schedule a meeting to introduce your team to the client. At this time, also present the duties of each one in the process and the project details.

Work From Point 0 To Point 100

To succeed with inbound marketing in digital agencies, it is essential to develop complete work, from creating a new website to monitoring marketing strategies. Indeed, the structure of the portal is fundamental.

Therefore, starting with creating a new website is the best way. To define the content, use a valuable rule of thumb: 90% of the space for the customer’s pain and 10% for talking about the company and the product/solution.

Invest In An Automation Tool

As obvious as it may seem, many professionals do not know how to use this tool in inbound marketing at agencies. And it is essential because it allows you to understand the user’s timeline. This allows for centralizing information in one place, providing analysis on the same platform, and ensuring market intelligence.

The Path Of Stones: What To Avoid

If knowing what can (and should) be done is essential, being aware of what should be avoided is more strategic. After all, learning without taking a fall is much better. So, know exactly what you shouldn’t do in inbound marketing at agencies.

Marketing Automation Is Just Part Of The Strategy

Do not think that the marketing automation tool guarantees success with inbound marketing. That is, it is just a means to execute your strategy.

Size Is Not Synonymous With Quality Or With Increased Deliveries

A team composed of a more significant number of professionals cannot bring more results. This relationship is more complex. It is necessary to have well-designed processes and a sound work methodology. With a leaner team and a lot of organization, achieving double, even triple, results is possible.

In addition, the secret is to map and scale the demand. It is also essential to have professionals capable of embarking on a new project at any time.

Seek New Customers Because Cash Flow Demands It

Calm! We’re saying continue prospecting. The issue is that there are better solutions than this. If you close new customers out of desperation, you tend to get into more trouble than profit. Commonly, they believe that inbound marketing in agencies is the magic formula and will solve all their problems.

With such high expectations, they tend to default and show dissatisfaction quickly. That is, you celebrate because you got a new client, and develop a job for six months, a period in which you structure the client’s ‘house’ for inbound marketing. When he reaches the seventh month, he terminates the contract. It’s a lot of energy for little result.

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