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Shopping With Augmented Reality, The New Google Feature

Google is working on new features for augmented reality on smartphones dedicated to shopping and more. The new services of the Mountain View company

With the arrival of the Black Friday week and the rush for Christmas gifts, Google has decided to offer users an innovative shopping feature.

The company, focusing on  ​​augmented reality, is developing a series of projects that could radically change how the most straightforward actions are carried out, such as making purchases. Let’s find out how the new Google features work.

Shopping In Augmented Reality, The New Google Intuition

Augmented reality shopping features are currently only available in the United States. However, the company’s project is to spread the service to other countries worldwide. For now, it is possible to buy furniture products through AR and, since last summer, the famous sneakers.

The user has to open Google Search, look for the different brands that have joined the initiative with Google and try this new purchase method. Among the most famous brands collaborating with the Mountain View company are Saucony, Vans, Sperry and Merrell.

Operation is effortless: after having found the 3D image of the product to be purchased, it is possible to view it in the real world using the camera and smartphone screen. In the case of shoes, for example, the user will be able to “see” the shoes placed on the floor on a table, with the possibility of rotating them, enlarging them and observing them in every detail.

According to experts, intuition will positively impact shops, even higher than the static images used on various e-commerce sites. Google is also working on a technology to obtain even more defined 3D models, using a much smaller number of photos than are needed today, also helping to reduce the construction costs of the AR store.

Among the other innovations that the Mountain View giant has put on the plate, there is also the AR Beauty function which, thanks to a library of 148 images, allows users to digitally apply beauty products on the various models available, simulating the different skin tones, the shape of the face, the features, the age, the sex and all that can help in the choice of a particular cosmetic.

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Augmented Reality, Not Just Shopping For Google

Another of the ideas presented by Google concerns the Live View search functionality, available on Maps for Android and iOS. This feature is intended to help users find the location of various points of interest using augmented reality.

After tapping the camera icon in the GMaps search bar, directions will appear overlaid on the real-world image. Currently, Live View is available in six cities: London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo, but the company plans to roll out this feature globally within a few years.

For now, the only search already available everywhere is the one that allows you to view the location of charging stations for electric vehicles and places accessible to wheelchairs.