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Samsung Galaxy S23 Prices Revealed

A South Korean store is leaking more details on the launch of some Galaxy S23 phones, which sadly will be priced slightly higher in most of its models in terms of performance. The entire Samsung Galaxy S23 family has been leaked all over the place.

Join the conversation We already know that Samsung Galaxy S23 will be presented in just over two weeks, on February 1, in a global event. This will leave us Checking that there are all the leaks. Main, The South Koreans were real And who would be the standard bearers of the Android catalog abandons? 

There has already been said.

And this is Samsung has never been able to keep a secret so well. Still, in early 2023, we received a flood of leaks about the upcoming Galaxy S23; two weeks after their official meeting, They told us candidly about their pricing and availability. At least in South Korea. Samsung Galaxy S23: release dates, features, models, and all known informationOur TelephoneArena colleagues told us what frequency information a retailer, A South Korean spoke of increases ranging from 10 to 20 per cent. I wanted to dig in to find out. 

Finally, Only the Galaxy S23 Ultra will increase its prices for the launch of the Galaxy S22 in 2022. Many leaders have pointed it out on Twitter, and The information is very reliable. Why does Samsung not seem to want to raise the prices of its base models, Main Particularly to better compete with Apple and the iPhone 14, which continues to eat more and more ground from Samsung and Android in most of the performance pieces?

So, we already know that Galaxy S23 standard plus should cost similar prices to their ancestors, indicating sources to be Reference prices are in dollars, Not counting the minor market-by-market adjustments derived from different tariffs and taxes:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB/128GB) – $799.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB/256GB) – $849.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S23+ (8GB/128GB) .- $999.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S23+ (8GB/256GB).- $1,049.

Of course, these prices depend on the new rear design more evenly, the Qualcomm chipset packed with vitamins, larger batteries, and all the improvements you’d expect without the fuss or fuss. Some cell phones will be very gradual and nothing new. So a price contract may be the most appropriate strategy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: New Finishes And Colors At Slightly Higher Prices

The models that rise in price are the supermodels. Since the Galaxy S23, i.e. In the case of more expensive mobiles, it seems that the margins can consistently be increased Every year a little more… Is it true that luxury does not understand the crisis? If we consider that Galaxy S22 Ultra is more basic, with an internal memory of 128GB, Its cost is $1199. From the MSRP at launch, the base model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be priced at $1,249 right from the start.

However, there is a little trick here, i.e.

According to sources, there will not be a 128GB S23 Ultra. Reducing the number of options available since the previous four configurations have gone down to three, the least equipped model will be available with 8 GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

So those would be their Expected prices for all three versions Of the Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (8GB/256GB) – $1,249.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB).- $1,349.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/1TB).- $1,499.

As reported, all markets will have the four initial colors ( cotton flower, misty night, vegan green, and ghost black ). However, in some countries and only through the Samsung Store will you enjoy only color changes included in the tailor-made programs. They tell us These exclusive colors won’t sell out from the start Distribution will begin between 2 and 6 weeks after the February 1 show. 

This will apply to the 1TB model. Also, it can be reserved but with late deliveries, at least in its first few days. There is very little time left to meet them; in any case, we will undoubtedly see others. Everything they tell us is consistent with this strategy of continuity Which was already foreseen from the beginning… We must be vigilant!

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