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Job Opportunities For Computer Engineers

Computer engineering graduates have the opportunity to be part of highly innovative projects that can range from the cybersecurity sector, which is very current in this period in which we talk about metaverse, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, to artificial intelligence applications that can include multiple sectors operatives, from industry 4.0 with manufacturing to medicine to name just a few, to energy and public utilities, finding themselves working on projects aimed at saving energy or many others.

Therefore, those who graduate in computer engineering can cover various job roles to be chosen based on preferences for the sector or operations, career ambitions and personal propensities. Here is a list of some professional figures from which it is possible to choose a degree in computer engineering.

Software Developer

The role includes designing, building, testing and managing the development of different software applications. There are a variety of positions in this job profile, and they can range from banking, digital marketing, e-commerce or agriculture. The main skills required include knowledge of Java, C++ and Python.

Full Stack Software Developer

A Full Stack Software Developer must have multiple skills ranging from front-end and backend development to technologies. 

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst has recently recorded great growth. More and more companies are looking for these figures as they can devise solutions capable of solving business problems and bringing about business and technology growth. The skills specific to this figure can be summarized in the:

  1. analytical skills and decision-making powers;
  2. statistical programming languages: Python/R;
  3. database knowledge and SQL skills.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist can be identified as the person responsible for the work of a Data Analyst. Starting from the insights formulated by data analysts, these figures enhance them by creating ideas to make companies more profitable. Among the skills that a Data Scientist must have, we find:

  1. Statistical and analytical skills;
  2. Programming and development skills, including coding, software development and design, DBMS, network and cloud technologies;
  3. Engineering processes;
  4. Excellent knowledge of Mathematics.

Database Administrator

These figures are responsible, for example, for quality control and reporting of various parts of the software design regarding communication and interpretability with databases. We can summarize the skills required by these figures as follows:

  1. Ability to use data modeling and database design techniques;
  2. Knowledge of ERP and Business oriented reporting;
  3. Ability to write efficient SQL code.

Cyber ​​Security Specialist

The Cyber ​​Security Specialist is entrusted with the security inspection of different networks and applications connected to these networks. The person who holds this role must possess very complex logical skills, and if he can boast certifications such as SSCP, CISSP or CISM, he can acquire greater value. Among the specific skills that this figure must possess, we find:

Strong computer skills;

  1. Ability to follow a forensic approach;
  2. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  3. Thorough knowledge of networks and security.

Data Engineer

Among the tasks of a Data Engineer, we find that creating software components and tools useful for the infrastructure in terms of development cycle and Business. While among the required skills, we find:

  1. DBMS knowledge;
  2. Data Warehousing and ETL tools;
  3. Machine learning;
  4. Knowledge of Distributed Systems;
  5. Hands-on with scripting languages;
  6. Known to Big Data frameworks;
  7. Cloud technologies.

Machine Learning Engineer

These figures develop ML and DL-based systems based on artificial intelligence that can be used in different software systems and by companies for various purposes. Among the skills expected of a Machine Learning Engineer, we find:

  1. Strong math;
  2. Foundations of Informatics;
  3. State-of-the-art ML algorithms, NN-based algorithms;
  4. Data modeling and evaluation;

Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architects are professionals entrusted with designing and implementing data communication and networking systems. The skills associated with these figures can be summarized in the following:

  1. Excellent knowledge of Computer Networks;
  2. Expertise in digital security;
  3. Ability to maintain servers and other networking technologies in the physical networking world.

System Administrators

These figures are responsible for administering and inspecting local infrastructure and maintaining the health and maintenance of systems. The abilities can be summed up in the following:

  1. Knowledge of IT systems, networks, databases and web services;
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Knowledge of DevOps frameworks, and automation tools, ex: Ansible.

QA/Test Automation Engineers

QA/Test Automation Engineers ensure automation in test processes to make them faster and more efficient than manual test ideologies. Their skills can be:

  1. Familiarity with Java and VBScript;
  2. Strong analytical skills;
  3. Knowledge of bug fixes and testing protocols;

Game Developer

To be a Game Developer, it is essential to have the ability to design, be creative and produce interfaces to meet the game and simulation software requirements. The course of study includes a degree in engineering and computer science, specializing in video game programming. The skills a Game Developer is expected to have are:

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  1. Strong programming skills;
  2. Knowledge of C++;
  3. High level of skills in graphics and animation;
  4. Strong logical and decision-making skills.