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Ideas For Successful Startups: The Secret To Choosing Them Well (+25 Examples)

In this article, I will explain how to choose the perfect idea for your startup, even if you have no experience.  Everyone knows that finding a successful startup takes a great idea. 

But how do you make it come? And how can you be sure it’s an excellent innovative idea worth developing? What makes a startup successful? Read on, and you will find the answer to all these questions.

The Idea For A Startup: Where It All Begins

First, I want you to know that I know how you feel … You are tired of working for someone else (your boss or clients) and being a slave to the system. You want to be your boss, set your schedules, and live the lifestyle you want. But starting your own business seems like a crazy challenge to you. You can’t afford to quit your job right now, so you must wait to save enough money.

And in the meantime, design your startup down to the smallest detail. That’s why I created this blog: with my help, you will learn proven methods to build a business quickly… All while making the lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

And all this without you having to make the classic mistakes that 95% of startuppers make, leading to failure within the first five years. To start this path, access my FREE GUIDE; you will find everything you need to launch your startup in a simple and step-by-step way. The first research phase for those who want to open a startup involves identifying a need for a new product or service. If you think about it, all startups are in the problem-solving business. So it is essential to ask yourself: what are the problems the market is facing now, and what are the issues that my product or service could solve?  There are two types of problems:

  1. those that have already been fixed
  2. those who are not yet

Business Ideas Based On An Already-Solved Problem

You must understand that the solutions to the problems that have been solved are the most common. Since man has existed, there have been tons of problems to solve, and for 99% of them, a solution has already been found (which was then sold and made someone rich)

So if you want to deal with problems that have already been solved, you need an excellent innovative idea for your startup that:

  1. solve the problem better
  2. translate it in the same way but costing less
  3. translate it in the same manner but in an easier and faster way

I always like to give the example of the washing machine.

Until a few decades ago, the only way to wash clothes was to go to the washroom and use soap and hands. The clothes were as clean as now … but you want to put your hands in the ice water in the middle of winter? And then the waste of time going to and from the washroom? And the fatigue? When the washing machine arrived, the dirty laundry problem had already been solved … but it did it in a new way, faster and far more accessible.

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So think about the following:

  1. Does your startup solve a new or old problem?
  2. Does it solve it better than the senior solutions if it is old?

Startup Ideas Based On An Unsolved Problem

The other category of problems is those that have not yet been solved. If your business idea falls into this sector, paradoxically, you have a problem. Yes, because even if it seems easier to solve a new trial, it is much more complicated.

Because either you have found the cure for cancer … and then you will indeed become a billionaire, as well as a benefactor remembered in history for many centuries, or you must ask yourself if the problem you want to solve makes sense. For example, if you wanted to solve the problem of designing an envelope that collects dust when you drill holes (I swear that a client proposed this project to me), then maybe you better put the idea aside and start doing a severe market analysis.

What Sets A Good Business Idea Apart?

At this point, you are probably wondering: How do I know if mine is a good idea?

To help you, I’ve prepared this checklist, which you’ll need to apply to your business ideas to determine which ones are best. Ask yourself:

  1. Does my startup idea solve an urgent and felt problem in the market?
  2. Compared to another existing notion, does it do it in an innovative, faster, more efficient, and cheaper way?
  3. Does it have a clear value proposition? Can it articulate its value proposition better than the competition?
  4. Can you describe how your product/service/solution will improve the lives of potential customers?

These are critical questions if you want to be successful in the market. And they are all interconnected. 

How To Choose Between Different Startup Ideas?

Maybe you are the volcanic type and have written a lot of ideas on paper. You can’t figure out which ideas to pursue because there are so many promising startups… You are afraid to commit money or time until you have a solid idea. Also, you don’t want to start your own business without having a clear idea of ​​what you want to do and what type of startup it is suitable for.

How Do You Choose Among These The Best Ideas To Focus On?

As already mentioned, I recommend that you access my FREE RESOURCES. You will find all the answers you are looking for. The key here is to look for an opportunity with a high market demand that you can fill with your offer. This will be your first challenge. If you want to be the first to solve a problem, then the most important thing to ask yourself is:

  1. How big is the problem? The bigger it is, the greater the chances of success
  2. Do I need my product or service?
  3. Do I have experience in this area?
  4. If so, how do I compare with others?
  5. Are there other people doing similar things in my industry?
  6. If so, how big is the market? Is it a crowded market or a virgin market?

To answer this question effectively, you should do a market analysis with great attention to current trends in the Italian market.

25 Examples Of Startup Ideas

To give you further help, I want to provide you with 30 examples of innovative startup ideas that could become a success: List of possible great ideas selected for startups:

  1. A subscription service for dog owners sends a supply of dog food directly to their doorstep.
  2. A market for on-demand services, such as housekeeping, transportation, babysitting for hire for mothers or seniors, etc.
  3. An App that connects the supply and demand for home services, such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.
  4. A service for people with chronic diseases puts them in contact with trainers who help them learn how to manage their symptoms better.
  5. An app that helps people search for more than just short-term rentals.
  6. An app that shows people what various career opportunities are available based on their skills.
  7. A range of services for college students to connect with other people in their university and create study groups.
  8. A comparison shopping site for beauty products, so people know how different beauty brands compare on price and quality.
  9. A startup that brings together doctors and patients to produce medicines for rare diseases.
  10. A company that creates incredible virtual reality experiences to help people with mental health problems.
  11. An app that provides location-based recommendations for fun activities in your city.
  12. An app that uses augmented reality to explain the history of the various monuments to the tourists of each city
  13. A service that provides valuable tips for managing your money.
  14. A website that helps you find the best deals for your next vacation.
  15. A portal that reviews neighborhood shops and high-quality food trucks nearby
  16. A startup that makes it easier for people to buy and sell local art.
  17. A business-to-business platform that connects investors with startups that are raising funds.
  18. A company that helps commercial consulting firms automate their operations.
  19. A platform for schools to better help their alums find employment.
  20. A company that uses artificial intelligence to help developers build apps.
  21. A platform that allows users to read news and provide feedback.
  22. A mobile application that connects travelers with locals to deliver unique and authentic travel experiences. 
  23. A platform allows users to manage their time more efficiently by connecting all their devices.
  24. A startup that stores fashion design ideas on a blockchain, allowing fashion artists and creators to offer their designs on the market. 
  25. A market for teachers who offer tuition to students.

These are some examples that I have thrown away quickly and that you can use to get ideas. However, if you continue to follow me and read me, you will develop a successful startup idea. And you can put this idea into practice without spending a single penny. I invite you to understand my free resources.


I hope this article has given you a lot of inspiration and new ideas for your startup. 

To succeed, you need to identify and fill a real need. The more people feel the need, the greater the potential for success. You can also ask your friends and family or friends for help and ideas on social networks. Success is guaranteed if you have a good idea and the right people to put on your team.