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Hey Google Lumos | Ok Google Lumos Maxima Spells Working

What is Hey Google Lumos or Ok Google Lumos? ‘Lumos maxima‘ is a magical spell from JK Rowling’s novels and movies, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. The fans of Harry Potter movies are well aware of the magic spell, Lumos maxima which lights up the wand’s tip. The counter spell to turn it off is ‘Nox.’

Recently a few Twitter followers discovered that the Lumos spell activates the iPhone’s flashlight when the users say ‘Lumos’ to Siri. ‘Nox’ is the counter spell to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone. Harry Potter lovers found this feature interesting and shared it on their Twitter accounts.

The magical spell feature is available on Android phones also. When the users say, ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google,’ and they say the spell ‘Lumos,’ the flashlight turns on. To deactivate the flashlight, they need to say the counter spell, ‘Nox.’

What Is ‘Hey Google Lumos’?

To begin with, the feature ‘Hey Google Lumos,’ which is used to activate flashlights on Android phones, is inspired by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter movies and novels. The wizards of Hogwarts use this Lumos spell to light up their wands in the dark. Likewise, to put the light off, the wizards use the counter spell, ‘Nox.’

The surprising fact is that Android and iPhone users can use the exact magic words to activate flashlights on their smartphones with the help of Google Assistant and Siri, respectively. 

The Lumos and Nox spells help to activate and deactivate the flashlight on the smartphone without touching the screen, giving the users a feel of a wizard. 

The virtual assistants Siri and Google Assistant leave you thrilled by activating your smartphone’s flashlight when you say the word ‘Lumos Maxima.’ You may eagerly want to know how to light up your phone. Follow simple instructions to do it all by yourself.

How To Activate The ‘Lumos maxima’ Spell On iPhones And Android Phones?

As already said, ‘Lumos Maxima’ is a spell from the Harry Potter novels and films. The magicians in Harry Potter novels used the spell to light up the wand to see in the dark. 

They used it as a torch light in the darkness. The same trick is implemented with the essence of modern technology, giving out the feel of a magician.

When the news of this trick spread on Twitter, thousands of people tried it on their smartphones and found it worked. They were thrilled and shared the information with their friends and family. Follow the steps carefully if you also want to test how this trick works.

Activate The Flashlight On Your Android Phone.

Android phones have Google Assistant to activate the flashlight. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Assistant app on your Android phone.
  • Now say the spell or give the command, ‘Hey Google Lumos, ‘ to activate the flashlight.
  • You will witness that the flashlight turns on immediately following your command.
  • Surprisingly, the counter spell, ‘Nox,’ is the command to turn off the flashlight. So, if you want to deactivate the flashlight, tap on the mike and say, ‘Nox.’ The flashlight turns off.

Activate The Flashlight On Your iPhone.

Siri is the virtual assistant on the iPhone. It helps the users with many things and activates the flashlight when they say the word ‘Lumos maxima.’

  • Open Siri or say Hey Siri on your iPhone.
  • Then say Lumos or Lumos maxima.
  • The flashlight on your iPhone turns on.
  • To deactivate or turn it off, say the counter spell, ‘Nox.’
  • You will turn the flashlight off.

What Are The Other Magical Spells Of Hogwarts That Work On Smartphones?

With a few magic tricks, you can make a few things possible. Modern technology has incorporated them into the latest innovations to make you feel like super wizards. ‘Hey, Google Lumos‘ is the most popular feature.


‘Accio’ is a summoning spell used by wizards to summon anything. The same magic word is used on smartphones to summon any app. Open Siri and say Accio followed by the name of the app you want to open. That’s it! The app opens on the screen. It works as a magic trick. The delightful thing about this magic spell is you don’t need a third-party app to use this spell or trick.

For example, if you want to Facebook or Instagram, open Siri and say Accio, Facebook or Accio, Instagram. There is no need to search for it among several apps present on your smart screens.

Avada Kadevra

Avada Kadevra is the killing curse. According to the Harry Potter novels, it is one of the three unforgivable curses and a tool of dark arts. So if you are waiting to know what changes this magic spell brings to your phone, then here it is.

When you say Avada Kadevra, your phone’s brightness reduces and puts your phone on airplane mode following the command. Thus your phone temporarily does not work or is dead.

Wingardium Leviosa

Wingardium Leviosa‘ is a levitation charm used to make objects fly. It is a simple trick taught to first years at Hogwarts School of magic.

So, if you are planning a holiday, this trick will help you. ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ helps in searching for a flight from your location.


The wizards use the magic spell ‘Alohomora‘ to unlock doors so you can unlock your home’s smart locks. The Alohomora wizarding spell to unlock doors is included in smart home assistants like Alexa, Google Smart Home, and Apple Home Kit. You can use this spell to unlock your smart locks and feel like a wizard.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hey Google Lumos

  • How to use the Lumos trick to turn on the flashlight on an Android phone?

Lumos maxima is a simple and thrilling trick that activates the flashlight on an Android phone. Open Google Assistant and say, ‘Hey, Google Lumos,’ and see the flashlight turn on immediately. To turn it off, say the counter spell, ‘Nox.’

  • Does the Lumos spell work on iPhones?

The Lumos maxima spell activates flashlights on iPhones as well. A few iPhone users tweeted about the Lumos trick on their Twitter accounts, which became viral. Thousands of netizens tried the trick on their iPhones too.

  • What happens when you say ‘Hey Google Lumos’ to your Android phone?

The phone’s flashlight turns on when Android users say Hey, Google Lumos to their Google Assistants.

  • What are the other magic tricks of Harry Potter novels used in the modern world?  

Besides the Lumos trick, other magic spells from the Harry Potter movies and novels used in the smart devices are Alohomora, Moving photos, Wingardium Leviosa, Accio, etc.

Final Say

The Lumos spell activates flashlights on both iPhones and Android phones. The virtual assistants Siri and Google assistant do the job for you. Google Lumos Maxima and Nox are two thrilling tricks that turn on and off the smartphone’s flashlights. Why wait? Give them a try.

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