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Gain Visibility In The Media With A Press Office

The press office aims to generate spontaneous media for the brand. For this, she is responsible for creating a good relationship with the most relevant communication channels in the sector. One of its main tools, for example, is the press release.

Have you ever stopped to think about what would be the motivation for a media outlet to announce the launch of a product or service without being sponsored? This is precisely the kind of return that a well-done job can bring. But anyway, how to get there?

That’s exactly what we’re going to show you here. Check out!

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Why Is The Press Office Essential For Any Company?

Regardless of the sector in which your company operates, it certainly needs to be concerned with two factors: conquering new customers and retaining current ones. This goes directly through building and strengthening the brand. As we mentioned in the introduction of this post, this is the speciality of the press office.

This area generates visibility for the company, its products and its services. In such a competitive market, this has become fundamental. After all, the new generation of consumers is much more demanding about their consumption habits.

The internet has made it much easier to compare products and services. Therefore, it is necessary to go further: more than offering quality at an affordable price; it is essential to keep your brand in people’s minds.

The good news is that the press office has the expertise of experts on the subject. When this team is efficient, you build your brand in the media, gain more and more spontaneous visibility, strengthen ties with the press, and, above all, with your customers.

At this point, it is natural to wonder what the tools and techniques are to achieve this goal. For starters, it is necessary to invest efforts to have a good press release.

How To Utilize The Press Release To Your Advantage?

The first step is to understand exactly what this communication tool is for. In a very objective way, the press release aims to disclose to the media in general something related to your company. This includes, for example:

  • a product or service;
  • company events;
  • news in general;
  • releases;
  • local campaigns.

In general, everything that is relevant to journalists is conveyed through the press release. It’s easy to see why this tool is so valuable for communicating with the media. The point, then, is precisely to use it efficiently.

It is worth noting, for example, that journalists receive thousands of documents of this type daily. Consequently, the time to gain the attention of these professionals is short. If you want to ensure the effectiveness of the press release, it is worth adopting the following practices during writing:

  • Create a cohesive title that brings as much information as possible in a few words and summarizes the idea in a single sentence (with a verb!);
  • After the headline, immediately provide the location and date of the event to demonstrate that the press release is current and relevant (remembering that the location is where the company is located);
  • Make an entry paragraph (lead) with a summary of 3 or 4 lines, focusing on what is most relevant;
  • Answer the famous press release questions in the first paragraph of the text ( Who? What? Where? When? );
  • Fill the body of the text with the bulk of the information ( Why? and How? ), using short paragraphs so as not to tire the reader;
  • Conclude by summarizing the information, as many journalists skip right to the end;
  • Remember to finish the press release with the About the company and the contact channels of your press office.

A good press release is the most concise and powerful tool for building your relationship with the press. Remember that it should open doors for your other marketing actions, generating opportunities for spontaneous dissemination in the media.

What Are The Main Tools Of The Press Office?

In addition to the press release, there are other strategies and tools that a press office must master. For example, you can have a clipping session on the company website. The function of this page is to gather the (best) mentions or spontaneous disclosures that the company received from the media.

It is worth noting that this content can be a good source of nourishment for newsletters, blog posts and other materials. This brings us to a second crucial point: the relationship with digital marketing.

If the press office helps to strengthen the brand in the media, marketing represents a powerful means of communication for the company. Roughly speaking, he creates and provides the messages that will give more color to this image created in people’s minds.

Added to this, it is worth remembering that the press office is responsible for dealing with crises, for example. In this case, it is essential to maintain alignment with digital marketing so that the company’s message is worked on at different levels of communication in a challenging time like this.

Finally, remember that the press office has great potential to reduce costs with marketing itself. Just think of big international brands: do Coca-Cola or Microsoft, for example, need to invest in getting new people to know their brand? It’s very unlikely.

In these cases, the press office practically dictates the pace of what is said about the brand in the media in general. Marketing investment, in turn, can be directed to create new campaigns, renew the company’s image, generate engagement with already loyal customers, etc.