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Chrome //Flags Parallel – How To Enable Parallel Downloading In Any Browser

Google Chrome is widely considered one of the greatest web browsers ever. It has the most unique and advanced features and is also the safest among other web browsers. Billions of users use this powerful browser around the world. 

It is compatible with almost all operating systems, like Android, Windows, and IOS. Unlike other browsers, Google Chrome provides a smooth and user-friendly experience when accessing websites without any trouble. The vital feature of Chrome is its safe browsing attribute of any content hassle-free.

Google Chrome is very fast, safe, and secure. Undoubtedly it is one of the top browsers to date and continues to lead over many available browsers. Chrome is a combination of many advanced features, and it regularly updates chrome versions time by time and gives users a flawless experience. 

Google provides a few experimental features in their beta form known as Chrome //flags parallel. Google Chrome flags are third-party features that are in the experimental stage. They are added to Chrome. But a few Chrome flag features may fail, and others may succeed. 

The useful ones are still running, and some still need to attract users. However, users must be cautious when downloading or enabling such flags. Google claims these are very risky, and your privacy might be vulnerable to risks. You may lose your history, browsing data, etc. We will explain in detail further about the chrome flags.

 About Chrome //Flags Parallel

Many internet users are aware of Google Chrome. Likewise, regular browsers will come across chrome //flags parallel. They are experimental features added in Chrome that are not available by default. The user must enable them by following a specific procedure. These are created by third parties and are tested by Google experimentally. 

You must enable it manually to include or use any chrome //flags parallel feature. These flags don’t run by default; users aware of these features can access them by enabling them. 

Once you start using these chrome //flags parallel features, you can thoroughly enjoy the enhanced speed and get a better experience with Chrome. Perhaps google doesn’t give any flag features by default when these features are promoted. 

Google examines the performance of a flag and then adds it to Chrome. We can add extensions in the toolbar also.

How To Enable Chrome Flags?

  • Open Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable in the address bar.
  • Here users can find all the available experimental features and discontinued features too.
  • We must enable the desired feature of our choice. 
  • Enable the flag and restart Chrome.
  • Enabling a Chrome flag feature may put you at risk. Your privacy and safety might be compromised.
  • Google claims these features are in the experimental stage but unavailable by default. So they can’t assure your privacy.
  • If you want to try any feature, enable it, and disable it after experiencing it. Do not make important transactions in between.
  • If you are satisfied with any flag, then keep it enabled.
  • Each experimental feature is visible on the flag page with information like compatible devices, author, etc. 

How To Disable Chrome Flags?

If users want to disable the feature, follow the same process. Go to Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable, disable the enabled feature, close Chrome, and restart.

We shall go through the best chrome flags that users enabled and top-rated. 

Chrome://Flags/Parallel Downloader 

Parallel downloader is one of the major successful chrome //flags parallel. As the name indicates, it is a handy tool for downloading several files simultaneously and will increase the download speed. 

Web browsers may limit the download speed while downloading the content, but this parallel downloading feature reduces the download time. The content gets quickly downloaded.

The feature claims the download speed is enhanced, but the original chrome speed is on par with this feature. When you enable the chrome //flags parallel downloading feature, you will not find much difference except the multiple files downloading feature at a time. 

We can resume the download from where it got interrupted due to internet failure or power cuts. Users should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using this third-party feature on their Chrome. Here is how to enable the feature of parallel downloading on Chrome.

This parallel downloading feature is present on Chrome and other popular web browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge browser. We can disable this parallel downloading feature at any time by the same process as enabled.


Latest Stable Java Feature: This feature is known to every techie, and every web page is encrypted with JavaScript features. We can select which site can access JavaScript. But this chrome flag is developed with the most advanced technique. Some webpages use old java scripts that Chrome provides. This stable java script feature can disable the standard JavaScript feature.


Auto predictions: These days every device owner knows about auto-predictions. All web browsers have this auto-predictions feature enabled. This feature will help users in a significant way while filling multiple forums. 

This Chrome flag will guide you and automatically fill in the details that are already saved by the browser. This feature is helpful to users who find it a tedious process to enter their details every time. Be cautious when entering your details in public domains.  


Smooth Scrolling: The Smooth Scrolling feature helps its users navigate web pages smoothly. This feature received much recognition and is widely used by browsers as they frequently face scrolling problems. Along with Chrome, other web browsers also provide this feature. 


Many other Chrome flags are in the beta stage and are under experimentation. Many users are using them. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • QUIC protocol
  • Zero -copy Rasterization
  • Reader mode
  • Dark mode
  • Incognito mode
  • Disable system notifications.
  • Touch UI layout
  • Lazy image loading

Final Say

In this article, we have mentioned a few Chrome flags and their features. Nowadays, the use of various Chrome flags is increasing. However, these are extensions of Chrome, and users should be cautious while using them. Though they give you a splendid experience, you must be more careful about your safety. 

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